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Barcode Verifiers

Accurate, functioning barcode symbols have become a critical requirement at all stages of the supply chain - especially as manufacturers, suppliers and retailers all need to meet stringent compliance targets. Poor quality barcode symbols can lead to losses in productivity, massive shipping returns, and even supplier fines. Using a Barcode verifier during printing, application or before shipment saves time, money and trouble.

Barcode verifiers are the bridge between creating the barcode image and successful, accurate and efficient scan rates, an important part of any barcode system. Once used exclusively by large printing houses and / or major label vendors, barcode verifiers are now commonly used for on-site demand printing as well as on warehouse receiving docks. These quality control instruments grade a barcode symbol's print quality based upon ISO and ANSI published criteria. Some verifiers also provide results based on industry application standards to ensure conformance to National,Industrial and International standards.

Use of barcode verification as part of your quality control process provides an important step in increasing your AIDC system's operating efficiency by economically reducing potential problems caused by poor symbol quality.

Honeywell Quick Check 890 Verifier Honeywell Quick Check 890
The QC890 was built to deliver world-class performance for a broad range of market applications. The first linear barcode verifier to earn the Adaptus Imaging Technology.
Honeywell Quick Check 800 Verifier Honeywell Quick Check 800
The Quick Check 800 Series is used for testing traditional and full ISO/IEC parameters using aim and scan technology with a QV3800V Imager.