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Corded Handheld Barcode Scanners

Retail/General Purpose 1-D Laser

Value Level - under $150.00

Motorola LS1203 - Quality laser scanning in a basic unit at an affordable price.

Motorola LS2208- Motorola's number 1 retail/general purpose scanner

Honeywell MS5145 - Single-line entry level laser scanner

Honeywell MS9520 - Voyager series, general purpose scanner

Honeywell MS9540 - Voyager series, general purpose scanner with CodeGate

Honeywell MS9590-Hand-held single-line laser scanner with new trigger design

Honeywell 1200g-Voyager series, general purpose scanner

Honeywell 1250g-Voyager series, general purpose single line laser scanner

Industrial/Rugged 1-D Laser

Mid Level - $150.00 - $300.00

Motorola LS4208 - For scan intensive retail/general purpose applications

Datalogic Gryphon I GD4100 -General Purpose Linear Imager

Datalogic Gryphon GD4300 - General Purpose Laser Scanner

Value Level - under $300.00

Motorola LS3008- Rugged handheld at an affordable price

Mid Level - $300.00 - $600.00

Motorola LS3408FZ- Fuzzy Logic for damaged or poor quality barcodes

Motorola LS3408ER- Extended Range up to 45ft scan distance

Datalogic PowerScan D8300 - Rugged scanner with Standard Range and auto Range Optic models available

Imagers 2-D Scanners and Linear Imagers

Value Level - under $300.00

Honeywell 1300G- Affordable general purpose linear imager that scans 1-D

Motorola DS4208- General Purpose 2D Imager

Datalogic GD4400- General Purpose Area Imager that scans 1-D and 2-D

Mid Level - $300.00 - $600.00

Motorola DS3508- Rugged industrial imager that scans 1-D and 2-D

Motorola DS6700- Retail environment imager that scans 1-D and 2-D

Honeywell Xenon 1900-Area Imaging Scanner that scans 1-D and 2-D

Honeywell IT3800I-Industrial imager that scans 1-D

Datalogic PowerScan 8500-Rugged industrial imager that scans 1-D and 2-D

Datalogic Powerscan PD7100-Rugged industrial linear Imager

Datalogic Powerscan 7000-2D linear imaging

We carry all major manufacturers; Motorola, Honeywell, Unitech and Datalogic. We have what you need whether you need a simple barcode scanner, or a complete barcode scanning solution. Handheld barcode scanners can come in tethered, cordless or radio frequency configurations. They are usually connected via a keyboard wedge, serial or USB port. Omni-Directional and Fixed Position barcode scanners are mostly for point of sale applications where speed and accuracy of scanning is vital.

Magnetic Stripe Readers are used for scanning cards for identification purposes.

1D barcodes are the traditional barcodes such as UPC codes. also known as linear barcodes they are widely used in retail, commercial and industrial applications.

2D barcodes are used in applications where large amounts of data have to occupy a small space. Typically, 2D applications include courier packages, biohazardous material transport or any application where critical information has to be easily accessed. 2D barcodes include codes such as PDF417 and Datamatrix.

We have a wide selection of bar code readers and bar code scanners. The bar code scanning definitions below will help you determine what you need: