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Workabout PRO Mobile Computer

Workabout PRO Mobile Computer

The WORKABOUT PRO product line is built on the concept of providing an industrial tool that doesn't need to be replaced or thrown away the minute new requirements emerge. Our customers operate in tough environments, with ever changing requirements and new technology always around the corner. The WORKABOUT PRO adapts quickly and easily to your evolving business needs. The WORKABOUT PRO represents the most flexible yet rugged handheld computer. Its do-it-yourself upgradeability makes it an ideal choice for customers in dynamic mobile markets.

Due to its superior flexibility and durability, the WORKABOUT PRO has proven successful in a variety of market applications including Field Service, Courier / Delivery, Asset Tracking, Meter Reading, Ticketing, Retail, Livestock Tracking, Warehousing, and Manufacturing; and the list continues to grow.

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